David Goldberg

@ Co-Founder and CEO, Founders Pledge

David started work as an investment banker, but then escaped to Berlin where he started a real estate consulting firm before heading back to Los Angeles to buckle down and complete a degree. While academia brought him back across the pond for post-graduate work at Cambridge, he has stayed in order to devote his time fully to Founders Pledge — an initiative he started that helps tech founders commit at least 2% of their personal proceeds from an exit to charity. Through this, he’s realised the enormous potential of what he’s built if the money is used well. Founders Pledge currently has over $186,000,000 committed to charity, and has already significantly funded AMF, SCI, and GiveDirectly, all on a minimal budget that has allowed them to see a return of 375x for their own donors. They have recently been funded by the Open Philanthropy Project with a $1,000,000 grant for operations.