Peter Singer

@ Global Influencer

Peter Singer has been described as “the world’s most influential living philosopher”, and serves as an extraordinary example of how reason and analysis can stimulate global change. Since the 1970’s Singer has been a leading voice in the animal rights movement and forcefully argued that all of us can, and should, do more to fight global poverty. He has sold millions of books and regularly fills up lecture theatres across the world. Singer is also a professor at Princeton University, well-known for his persuasive lectures that, among other things, have inspired some students to pursue lucrative careers like hedge-fund trading in order to be able to give most of their income to effective charities, and empowered others to devote their lives to doing the most good possible.

Peter Singer will be joining us for a remote Q&A in the week leading up to the event. EAGxOxford attendees have priority access to the event.